Brandon® Plus – specific feed supplements from your vet. 
The nutritional requirements of a horse during certain periods of its life may call for specific elements. In such cases, we recommend the optimization of the diet with feed additives designed for this purpose.
Most Brandon supplements contain high levels of PSB-complexes. These naturally occurring substances are rich in high quality purified nucleotides, extracted from yeast by a unique process .
Every single biological process of a cell, including its division, is directly or indirectly dependent on the involvement of nucleic acids.
Nucleotides are the building blocks of nucleic acids, the carriers of genetic information and key substances in protein biosynthesis. Nucleic acids are vital to all biological processes occurring at the cellular level, including cell division. These processes are directly or indirectly dependent on the availability of nucleic acids.
llness, stress, performance, birth, etc. cause an increased turnover of cells and therefore an increased demand for nucleotides. The addition of nucleotides to feeding accelerates the healing process or the preparation of balance.
In nature, a sufficient amount of nucleotides are synthesized by the body's own cells or absorbed through the biological diversity of plants in the diet.
The needs of horses during stress, illness, performance, breeding, etc. cause a higher cellular turnover and, as a result, an increased necessity for nucleotides. Adding nucleotides to the diet of these horses will ensure their availability during the recovery process. It is very important to administer the correct type and quantity.
High-quality, purified nucleotides in the form of PSB®-complexes combined with other selected ingredients optimize the effect of the Brandon® plus feed additives.
For the specific application and dosage of the following listed products, please contact your veterinarian.